2023 Spring Exhibition

In late February 2023, Community Arts @ Health Sciences announced its inaugural call for art to students, faculty, staff and community member for it's first exhibition.

We received 53 entries!

A selection committee was assembled to evaluate the submissions and below is the artwork that was chosen for the inaugural 2023 Spring Exhibition.


Artwork grouping on third floor HSEC
"121322" by Jacob Swogger
"Big Sur"  by Hossam Halaweish
"Apple Tree" by Robert Pokorney
"Every Bird of the Mountains" by Sophia Park
"Sewing of Vocal Folds" by Yu-Hui Huang
First art grouping on 7th floor HSEC
"Rounds" by Allison Leopold
"Tranquility" by Natalie Peterson
"Serotonin Projections" by Samantha Montoya
"Memories of Water" by Carol Kampa
Untitled by Rashika Shetty
Second grouping of artwork on 7th floor HSEC
"Rounds" by Allison Leopold
"Frozen Sunset" by Jeff Karp
نصيبك by Hossam Halaweish
"Blue Hour Blur" by Jeff Karp
In a Perfect World by Hossam Halaweish
Third grouping of artwork on 7th floor of HSEC
"An Ode to Carl" by Molly Smith
"Suspended" by Euphrosyne Daoutidou
"Shades of Empathy" by Abhishek Chandra
"Zoom Lotteria" by Jaime Newman
Fourth grouping of artwork on 7th floor HSEC
"Singing Bowl" by Zelda Blair
"Shoulder" by Yu-Hui Huang
"Art & Healing Community Mosiac" by Miranda Harris
"Knee" by Yu-Hui Huang
"Mindfulness" by Yu-Hui Huang